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In my last post, I discussed how pharma companies in China are utilizing WeChat for Engagement. Here, I’ll highlight how they are using the platform as an IT contact center support channel.

According to the WeChat Impact Report by Tencent Research, 70% of WeChat Enterprise Account users utilize the platform to increase efficiency for internal management. Enterprise accounts play an important role for internal communication, operations, services, management, and cooperation. And 46.5% of enterprise accounts’ main usage is for system management/improvement of IT technology.

With the ever-increasing coverage of WeChat, more and more companies in China are beginning to utilize the WeChat enterprise account’s functions for their IT support, including a significant number of Pharma companies.

Compared to traditional contact channels such as phone and email, WeChat support is gaining its popularity in China’s contact centers because of the following advantages:

Verified and Targeted End Users

Only verified employees can add a support account in WeChat and access it, which ensures a higher level of security.

Multiple Ways of Interacting with Users

One of the most effective features of the WeChat platform for IT support is its multiple chatting functions. Users can send screenshots, texts, images, links, voices, and videos, which simplify the description of problems they encounter.

On the other hand, agents can help users to solve the problem via screenshots, stored text, images, documents, links, etc., which shortens the problem resolution duration with better service quality.

Chat History Recording

Another advantage for WeChat support is WeChat’s digital channel functionality. The chat history of each user is recorded. So when an agent opens a window for a user’s request escalated by other agents, he will quickly get to the problem without having to ask the user to repeat himself. Also, the agent can always see the chat history of this user’s previous problems, including when, what the problem was, and how the problem was resolved by which agent. This helps the agent to better communicate with the user and solve problems.

By analyzing the chat records, the contact center can develop relevant documents, and proactively send out user manuals, FAQs, and real-time system change notifications with higher coverage, especially to mobile users.

Multiple Task Handling

Unlike talking with users with a phone, agents can handle multiple requests at the same time, improving efficiency.

Customized Auto-Reply

For off-hour inquiries, it is easy to set up a customized auto-reply at WeChat support platform. It can also enable the function of keyword auto solution sending.

WeChat, as a supplement to the multichannel contact center system, can significantly improve service quality with better efficiency, and contribute added value for the IT department.

Because the mobile working nature of sales reps requires more timely and flexible solutions, it is especially important and helpful for Pharma companies’ IT contact centers to support their sales reps with the WeChat platform.

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