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What Difference Does 5 Years Make?: Millennial Channel Preference

How have Millennial channel preferences for contacting consumer affairs changed over the past 5 years?

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WeChat as IT Support Channel for Pharma in China

Jackie Gong highlights how pharma companies in China are using WeChat as an IT contact center support channel.

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Pharma’s Practical Next Steps for Social Media

What’s Next: Practical Steps for Pharma's Increased Social Media Participation

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Pharma Companies in China Utilize WeChat for Engagement

WeChat provides pharma companies a cost-effective, user-friendly platform to deploy mobile applications and engage the public, HCPs and employees.

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Integrate Social Media into Your Customer Care Service Model

Today’s more advanced social customer care activities require coordination among key stakeholders — namely, marketing, consumer affairs and external brand agencies.

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Pharma’s Top 4 Social Media Participation Concerns

Based on a recent survey, these are the Top 4 Social Media Participation Concerns for the industry.

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Making Sense of Social Media Conversations

Phil highlights the relevance of social media monitoring and engagement in the healthcare industry.

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Digital Strategies for a Proactive Omni-Channel Contact Center

At CBI’s Bio/Pharma Contact Centers conference, we presented on how social media and digital health can help turn a contact center from re-active to pro-active.

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Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Pharmacovigilance

British journalist, biographer and statesman John Morley stated, “Evolution is not a force but a process.” In an effort to continuously improve the efficacy of drugs and health outcomes for patients, the healthcare industry gradually evolves to meet changing regulations, make the most of new technologies and communication channels, and[…]

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Social Customer Care: National Champion

The following post was adapted from Social Media Customer Care National Champion on johnmacdaniel.net. Congratulations to Duke University. After starting with 68 teams, you clearly are the NCAA 2015 Basketball Champion. However picking a National Champion for Social Customer Care isn’t nearly as objective. Over the last two blogs, Social[…]

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