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Voice Interactions – A Channel to Better Health Outcomes

Voice Assistants may just be the key to solving the challenge of patient non-compliance.

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Proactive Patient Engagement for Driving Value-Based Care

Healthcare organizations have a financial incentive to deliver value-based care throughout the entire patient journey. Proactive patient engagement supports this delivery model in several ways.

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Focus on the Patient

Patient Engagement Keys to Success: Focus on the Patient

When developing a patient engagement program, focus on the patient.

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Patient Centricity

Adopting Patient Centricity at Scale: Creating Synergy for Program Success

Susan Mattson & Ed Chase explore some of the areas hindering pharma companies from becoming fully patient-centered, and how to overcome these challenges.

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How Precision Medicine is Making Patient Engagement More Personal

Pharma companies continue to develop more individualized treatments. Programs to support this precision medicine approach should be tailored yet adaptive.

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Set the Stage for Patient Engagement Success

What does an effective omnichannel approach for patient engagement look like today, from a strategic and operational perspective?

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To Create Successful Adherence Programs, Know Your Patients

Your patient adherence program is only as successful as the patients who are enrolled and engaged. Consider ways to make your programs more accessible, relevant and customizable.

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Digital Strategies for a Proactive Omni-Channel Contact Center

At CBI’s Bio/Pharma Contact Centers conference, we presented on how social media and digital health can help turn a contact center from re-active to pro-active.

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Patient Segmentation Research Provides Insights into Digital Health’s Future

Today’s patient is rapidly evolving. For many, they are moving away from the “my health is my Dr.’s problem” mentality to being much more engaged in their own health, with a willingness to actively participate in improving wellness, preventing risk factors, and managing chronic conditions. As a whole, patients are[…]

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Addressing the Barriers to Adherence Using Integrated Multi-Channel Technology

As the healthcare market evolves, it’s clear that the 3 most common barriers to patient adherence - Cost, Concern, and Commitment -remain.

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