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Does Rapid FDA Approval Produce Drug Safety Issues?

Bart Cobert gives his pharmacovigilance point of view on a recent paper on FDA approval timelines and drug safety issues.

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Clintrials.gov Update

Bart Cobert on the importance of publishing clinical trials data and implications on pharmacovigilance.

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Pharmacovigilance 2030

This is an interesting article looking at what PV will be in the year 2030.

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Ranitidine – What Happened and What Do We Learn?

Bart Cobert explores several important points to take from the still ongoing signal and safety issue with Renitidine recall.

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Importing Canadian Drugs to the US

Bart Cobert covers several issues involved in setting up the proposed "Safe Importation Plan" which aims to allow US consumers to get safe and cheaper drugs.

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No-No’s in Drug Safety

An overview covering a number of things to avoid doing when it comes to drug safety.

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Different Regulatory Actions from Different Agencies

Bart Cobert explores the potential reasons for the differing regulatory actions from the different agencies.

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Contributions of Nurses in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety

Dr. Adele Mueller explores the strong patient safety and advocacy responsibility of nurses who work in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Reporting and Not Reporting Data

Bart Cobert discusses the importance of clinical safety reporting. Not only is this a legal responsibility but also an ethical one.

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Medical Marijuana and Drug Safety

Bart Cobert addresses the use of marijuana for medical purposes and the implications for Drug Safety.

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