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Voice Interactions – A Channel to Better Health Outcomes

Voice Assistants may just be the key to solving the challenge of patient non-compliance.

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Healthcare on the patient-centricity highway!

Digital healthcare has only now begun to genuinely transform patient experience. These 6 major trends will drive the patient experience in 2018.

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WHAT Are You Wearing? The State of Wearable Health Devices

Last month we rolled out the Red Carpet. Now let’s talk not about WHO we are wearing, but WHAT we are wearing. Namely, wearable health devices.

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Digital Strategies for a Proactive Omni-Channel Contact Center

At CBI’s Bio/Pharma Contact Centers conference, we presented on how social media and digital health can help turn a contact center from re-active to pro-active.

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Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Pharmacovigilance

British journalist, biographer and statesman John Morley stated, “Evolution is not a force but a process.” In an effort to continuously improve the efficacy of drugs and health outcomes for patients, the healthcare industry gradually evolves to meet changing regulations, make the most of new technologies and communication channels, and[…]

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Patient Segmentation Research Provides Insights into Digital Health’s Future

Today’s patient is rapidly evolving. For many, they are moving away from the “my health is my Dr.’s problem” mentality to being much more engaged in their own health, with a willingness to actively participate in improving wellness, preventing risk factors, and managing chronic conditions. As a whole, patients are[…]

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5 Market Trends Driving the Adoption of Digital Health

I attended the Digital Pharm East conference earlier this month where I heard about the latest digital health trends and innovations. I also presented on the topic at a client sponsored event last week which required me to do some detailed research in preparation. I thought I would share what[…]

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The Experience Matters.

As an industry leader in business process outsourcing, HCL Technologies delivers global, multi-channel engagement solutions. The Experience Matters. Let us show you why.

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