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Social Customer Care Sweet Sixteen

The following post was adapted from Social Customer Care 2015 Sweet Sixteen on johnmacdaniel.net.

March Madness is upon us, and many of us will be eagerly checking scores and reviewing our NCAA Basketball bracket. As we whittle down the field to the Sweet Sixteen, the Final Four and, ultimately, National Champion, I thought it was a fine time to add to the festivities by identifying the Social Customer Care 2015 Sweet Sixteen.

For those that have any brand presence on social media, here are some best practices to ensure your consumers are receiving a tourney-type experience as they continue to interact with your brand during the tired eyes and bracket busting days of March.

  1. Recognize that consumers don’t care about your consumer care channel strategy. Their expectation is that the same level of high quality service will be provided, regardless of the channel.
  2. Establish a set of Social Customer Care Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Move beyond traditional social metrics and even more recent customer specific metrics such as response times, and move toward consumer resolution rates.
  3. Source social media monitoring technology that allows you to measure these newly developed KPI’s.
  4. If you are a contact center, start to integrate social data into your workforce management tools. If you are not, conduct an analysis of social volume and effort to handle interaction, allocate an appropriate amount of hours and identify social care hours of operation.
  5. Brand voice is unique. If supporting multiple brands, define a brand-to-agent ratio so agents can successfully represent a brand.
  6. Build a social media customer care competency model and think in terms of an omni-channel agent.

For the remaining best practices in the Social Media Consumer Care Sweet Sixteen, check out my full post.

And check back soon for the Elite Eight which will focus on more practical tips that agents who are providing social customer care can utilize while monitoring and interacting. Until then, time for some hoop!


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