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The following post was adapted from Social Media Customer Care Elite Eight on johnmacdaniel.net.

As the tournament whittles the remaining teams down to an Elite Eight, as promised in my last post, here is is the Social Customer Care Elite Eight. These tips focus specifically on what Social Customer Care agents can be doing while performing  their social media monitoring and customer care work.

  1. Allow your community to help and respond to other customer’s questions. If someone does that, drop them a post thanking them for helping out. And always be prepared to politely correct any misinformation that is provided.
  2. As you answer questions, document and build a response library that is is maintained and searchable so that regardless of who is responding to a post, there is some consistency in the information that is being provided to your community.
  3. Seek to understand your customer – ask questions when clarification is needed. After all, it is called social media.
  4. Don’t pick fights with a customer. Kind of a duh moment, yet we continue to see this mistake being made.

For the remaining best practices in the Social Media Consumer Care Elite 8, check out my full post.

I’ll provide one more post in this series —  the Social Customer Care National Champion. In that post I’ll elaborate on one of the tips that emerges from the prior lists. Until then, feel free to comment  or add any tips you may feel are important for Social Customer Care agents.

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