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The life sciences industry is embarking on a fundamental shift from a product-centric focus to one of patient engagement and outcomes.

One of the core drivers of this is the general lack of patient adherence to prescribed medications. Non-adherence poses tremendous challenges and costs for not only individual patients, but healthcare providers, payers, and of course biopharma companies – by some estimates up to $300B in costs for the US healthcare system alone. Research suggests that every additional dollar spent on medication by adherent patients avoids about $3.50 in additional healthcare costs from non-adherence.

While pharmaceutical companies are eager to adopt patient-centered practices to address this issue, the reality is that silos and fragmented approaches to operations and strategy prevent them from fully implementing patient centricity at scale.

Effective Patient Engagement

What does an effective omnichannel approach for patient engagement look like today, from a strategic and operational perspective?

C3i Healthcare Connections and Pegasystems believe that combining the right technology with person-to-person support will allow pharma to be successful in adopting patient centricity. To that end, we are joining forces for an interactive webinar to explore:

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Improving Design and Delivery of Omni-Channel Patient Adherence
November 17th at 10 am EST (4 pm CET)

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