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In an ever-changing pharma environment staying connected is vital

Amidst regulatory challenges and uncertainty of new channels, the pharma industry is beginning to embrace the power of social media to support patients and healthcare providers. Social platforms are uniquely designed to support patient and provider needs perhaps more directly and efficiently than traditional channels.

  • Support patient engagement, ultimately leading to healthier patient outcomes
  • Provide health education and awareness
  • Ensure drug safety and support

As an expert in patient and healthcare provider engagement, HCL Technologies has deep social experience and expertise managing regulated brands. We understand your concerns, as well as your patient’s growing expectation for answers in their preferred channel.

For this reason, we have designed a comprehensive, pharma-specific approach to social participation, including:

  • Adverse Event Monitoring: Social identification, triage and reporting of potential adverse events, product quality complaints and off-label posts.
  • Patient Education & Engagement: Social care, disease-specific education and interaction to enhance the user experience.
  • Community Management: Content creation and page moderation for disease, brand, or support communities.
  • Analysis & Insights: Flexible reporting solution delivering market research, through public and private communities, product launch analysis, and insight into brand health, disease states, competitive and industry landscape.
  • Consulting & Managed Services: Social audits, strategic recommendations for social technology utilization, metrics, process design, training and deployment services.