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16 February 2017

Are enterprises more or less secure than 5 years ago? This is the question that IT leaders from top companies discuss in a recent article in the “Database Trends and Applications” magazine. Here’s what Michael Dean, CTO at Telerx/C3i Healthcare Connections has to share in regards with enterprise security:

“How can enterprises ramp up their security posture? There may be too much reliance on technical fixes and not enough understanding behind the solutions. “One mistake companies are making in the area of data security is using industry-standard techniques, such as SSL and encryption, but not actually grasping the fundamentals of how that technology works,” said Michael Dean, chief technology officer at Telerx. “We have seen cases where a vendor proudly declares that values in their database are encrypted, only to discover that they left the encryption key completely unsecured. Others would secure all websites with SSL, but leave a backup of the certificate and private key in a conspicuous place. It is easy for an IT department to implement standard security protocols, but if there is not a full understanding of how the technology and its surrounding pieces work, it may be of little benefit.”

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