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Going to DTC National Conference in Boston?  See you at the C3i Healthcare Connections booth #3!

Prior to the event, our Social Media Strategist, Phil Baumann, was published in the DTC in Focus eNewsletter. You may read his article below.

Making Sense of Social Media Conversations

By Phil Baumann, Social Media Strategist at C3iHC, published in DTC in Focus, Guest Columnist.

The relevance of social media monitoring and engagement in the healthcare industry

Billions of conversations take place every month on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as well as blogs and forums. These conversations are not only taking place in social settings, but are influencing companies as well. Social media use continues to rise as we see more people using it in both their personal and professional lives — and brands are responding by continually looking for better ways to engage with them. All of these conversations comprise pools of rich data, but listening to them for meaning can be challenging. So, how do companies make sense of all this endless data to determine how and where to listen, identify what consumers are talking about, classify the types of content they are posting and understand the behaviors they are engaging in?


Read the full article here.