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Advances in technology like Artificial Intelligence present opportunities for companies to improve the customer experience of the always-on consumers, and the process-driven organizations. HCL Technologies presents MAX – an AI solution that leverages natural language processing, machine learning and intelligent automation to drive successful interactions, enhance consumer insights and drive process efficiencies.

MAX Actionable Insights

A powerful consumer analytics platform that transforms unstructured consumer interaction data into targeted insights through:

  • Call transcription technology
  • Advanced analytics engine
  • Insights visualization platform
MAX Actionable Insights

An automated interaction solution – facilitating intelligent dialogue between people and systems:

  • Personalized proactive and reactive interaction
  • Back-end task completion
  • In-channel escalation
  • Continuous system training
MAX Translate

A real-time translation solution that delivers local language support from anywhere in the world through any written channel.

MAX Case Management

A cloud-based dynamic case management solution providing:

  • 360◦ view of the patient journey
  • Intelligent workflows with customized scripting and automation
  • Seamless system integration to manage complex interactions


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