Set the Stage for Patient Engagement Success

/ Nov 11, 2016

What does an effective omnichannel approach for patient engagement look like today, from a strategic and operational perspective?

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To Create Successful Adherence Programs, Know Your Patients

/ Aug 31, 2016

Your patient adherence program is only as successful as the patients who are enrolled and engaged. Consider ways to make your programs more accessible, relevant and customizable.

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WHAT Are You Wearing? The State of Wearable Health Devices

/ Mar 15, 2016

Last month we rolled out the Red Carpet. Now let’s talk not about WHO we are wearing, but WHAT we are wearing. Namely, wearable health devices.

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Patient Segmentation Research Provides Insights into Digital Health’s Future

/ Nov 16, 2015

Today’s patient is rapidly evolving. For many, they are moving away from the “my health is my Dr.’s problem” mentality to being much more engaged in their own health, with[…]

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Addressing the Barriers to Adherence Using Integrated Multi-Channel Technology

/ Nov 02, 2015

As the healthcare market evolves, it’s clear that the 3 most common barriers to patient adherence - Cost, Concern, and Commitment -remain.

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5 Market Trends Driving the Adoption of Digital Health

/ Oct 15, 2015

I attended the Digital Pharm East conference earlier this month where I heard about the latest digital health trends and innovations. I also presented on the topic at a client[…]

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Patient Support and Adherence Programs Crucial for Biologics

/ Aug 12, 2015

As pharma companies increasingly invest in the development of biologics, it’s important to incorporate full service support and adherence programs into go to market strategies. Great patient support and adherence[…]

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Exchange Plans’ Hidden Challenge: Co-Insurance

/ May 13, 2014

According to a recent report from the Department of Health and Human Services, over 8 million Americans enrolled to receive health insurance through the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges.[…]

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Access and Reimbursement in the Post-ACA World

/ Jan 28, 2014

In Samuel Beckett’s tragi-comedy Waiting for Godot, Vladimir and Estragon spend their time anxiously awaiting the arrival of someone or something named Godot.  Godot in many ways, is like the[…]

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