2015 Medical Information Benchmarking Report

Sep 15, 2015
Medical Information Benchmarking Report

The medical information sector is growing and undergoing significant changes due to rising healthcare costs, population growth in emerging markets, advances in technology, changing product landscapes, and regulatory pressures re-enforcing the role of medical affairs overall.

C3i Healthcare Connections recently surveyed medical affairs professionals regarding such topics as operations, quality assurance, sourcing, content, technology capabilities, reporting, and globalization. The resulting 2015 Medical Information Benchmarking Report includes insights and analysis of the medical information industry including:

  • Quality of service and content are the top challanges, but reporting measures for inquiry data quality are low
  • Health outcomes are an important measure that has not yet been operationalized in medical information
  • Customer satisfaction and first contact resolution are the most prevalant measures for success
  • Peer review of medical information responses and HIPPA compliance controls are twice more likely to be required by medical information leaders than other controls
  • And more

Download a copy of the report today: