Patient Segmentation Research Provides Insights into Digital Health’s Future

/ Nov 16, 2015

Today’s patient is rapidly evolving. For many, they are moving away from the “my health is my Dr.’s problem” mentality to being much more engaged in their own health, with[…]

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C3i Healthcare Connections Positioned in 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant

/ Nov 05, 2015

Company recognized in report for third consecutive year

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Addressing the Barriers to Adherence Using Integrated Multi-Channel Technology

/ Nov 02, 2015

As the healthcare market evolves, it’s clear that the 3 most common barriers to patient adherence - Cost, Concern, and Commitment -remain.

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5 Market Trends Driving the Adoption of Digital Health

/ Oct 15, 2015

I attended the Digital Pharm East conference earlier this month where I heard about the latest digital health trends and innovations. I also presented on the topic at a client[…]

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Medical Information Benchmarking Report

2015 Medical Information Benchmarking Report

/ Sep 15, 2015

C3i Healthcare Connections recently surveyed medical information professionals regarding such topics as operations, quality assurance, sourcing, content, technology capabilities, reporting, and globalization. The resulting 2015 Medical Information Benchmarking Report includes[…]

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Compliance, Quality & Cost: Outsourcing Clinical Trial Support

/ Sep 02, 2015

Compliance, Quality & Cost: Why Outsourcing Clinical Trial Support Makes Sense for Start-Up and Mid-Sized Drug Manufacturers Clinical development of a drug or device from discovery through post-marketing approval requires[…]

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Patient Support and Adherence Programs Crucial for Biologics

/ Aug 12, 2015

As pharma companies increasingly invest in the development of biologics, it’s important to incorporate full service support and adherence programs into go to market strategies. Great patient support and adherence[…]

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The Evolving Medical Affairs Landscape: 5 Global Trends

/ Mar 06, 2015

In winter we like to measure everything – snow, temperature, days until spring. While weather may be unpredictable, and consecutive days at -20 Celsius make us question global warming, there[…]

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Learning from Other Industries

What Can You Learn From Other Industries?

/ Feb 03, 2015

My role at Telerx provides me the wonderful opportunity to spend time with our clients discussing best practices and service innovations. Our clients are hungry to learn what others are[…]

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5 Keys to Choosing the Right Healthcare IT Partner

5 Keys to Choosing the Right Healthcare IT Partner

/ Nov 12, 2014

As I mentioned in my last post, choosing an IT solutions provider is a critical decision for all healthcare leaders in their quest to stay competitive and offer cutting-edge technology.[…]

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