Kevin Connolly

VP, Account Management

Kevin is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in pharma sales and marketing, and in the development and management of patient adherence, engagement and support programs. He began his career with Bristol-Myers Squibb, and subsequently held leadership positions in companies like Excerpta Medica (a Reed Elsevier company), Wolters Kluwer Health, Cardinal Health and PDI, Inc. Kevin has a BS in Commerce (Marketing Management) from Rider University.

How Precision Medicine is Making Patient Engagement More Personal

/ Nov 29, 2016

Pharma companies continue to develop more individualized treatments. Programs to support this precision medicine approach should be tailored yet adaptive.

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To Create Successful Adherence Programs, Know Your Patients

/ Aug 31, 2016

Your patient adherence program is only as successful as the patients who are enrolled and engaged. Consider ways to make your programs more accessible, relevant and customizable.

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