Heather Ferrence


Director, Corporate Compliance

As the Director of Corporate Compliance, Heather is responsible for the Quality Management System and Privacy program at Telerx. Following floor nursing in several long term care facilities and physician’s offices, Heather has over 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and cosmetic companies. Her experience includes screening patients for clinical trials for the National Institutes of Health and numerous pharmaceutical companies, the receiving and processing of adverse events, product quality complaints and inquiries, as well as review and approval of manufacturing laboratory reports for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals products, globally. As RN, BSN, Heather’s experience bridges the worlds between healthcare at patient bed-side, pharmaceutical, device and biotechnology companies manufacturing quality assurance, regulatory reporting and requirements for Telerx.

Regulatory Compliance Challanges

Regulatory Compliance Challenges in a Global Economy

/ Jun 01, 2016

Life sciences companies are facing more regulatory compliance challenges now than ever before. Selecting the right compliance partner is crucial.

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