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Heather co-leads our Compliance Department at C3i Solutions. In addition to her role as the C3i Privacy officer, Heather oversees the Corporate Governance for C3i Solutions’ Pharmaceutical and Medical Programs. Heather ensures C3i Solutions remains in compliance with state, federal and global regulations, client expectations, and all policies and standard operating procedures.

Heather’s experience bridges the worlds between healthcare at patient bed-side and the innovative spaces which C3i serves.  Following floor nursing in several long term care facilities and physician’s offices, Heather has over 18 years of pre and post-market experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and cosmetic industry.  Her experience includes screening patients for clinical trials for the National Institutes of Health and numerous pharmaceutical and device companies, medical inquiry handling including identification and processing of adverse events and product quality complaints, and review and approval of manufacturing laboratory reports for a global pharmaceutical company.